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The #1 Tint Solution in Central Florida

Tint Solutions is Central Florida’s go to vehicle tinting company. No matter the vehicle we have the solution. A complete car can take 2 to 4 hours. Full-sized trucks generally take between an hour and an hour and a half. What are you waiting for get your free quote now.
Tint Solutions provides window tinting for your home. Most residential installations are completed in one day. If you have a large house it may take slightly longer because more installers may be needed and additional days could be added. Hurry up contact us today.
Need your windows tinted for your business? Well no worries. Tint Solutions has your back. A window tint installation for your business can be done in one to two days depending on the size of your business. Contact us now for your free quote.

Looking for a way to cool down on those hot and uncomfortable summer workdays? Tint Solutions is here to help you stay comfortable and keep the sweat to a minimum. What are you waiting for get your free quote now.

Tint Solutions is here for your fun days on the water as well. Tinting your boat windows can be done within a few hours. Keep your boat interior looking sharp and preserve the safety of you boat glass by taking advantage of our boat tinting service. Hurry up contact us today.

Tint Solutions also has your security in mind for your long trips. You can feel comfortable and rest easy knowing that Tint Solutions can give you complete privacy with our with our RV window tints. Contact us now for your free quote.

Quality of Work

At Tint Solutions we take pride in providing the highest quality of work to all of our customers, and our work speaks for itself. What are you waiting for give us a call today.


Our team is dedicated to offering only the best tint solutions for your vehicle, home, or business in the Central Florida area. Tint Solutions understands that without our customers we would not be where we are today.

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While You Wait

Tint Solutions wants you to have a comfortable experience while you are waiting for your vehicle to get tinted. Inside of our waiting area we offer Wifi and a T.V. for your entertainment.

What to Expect with Automotive Tinting

Length of Time

The amount of time it takes for a tint job varies, depending on your type of vehicle, size of your house, or the size of your business.

Windows Up

Do not Roll your windows down: Tint Solutions recommends that you leave your windows up for 2 days after they get tinted.

Total Adhesion

For the first few days after your windows are tinted they will be hazy, and you may see little water pockets forming in the tint. Do not freak out. This is absolutely normal!

Happiness Guarantee

We are a licensed and fully insured Ocala based window tint company that will not only meet your expectations but surpass them. Tint Solutions offers a 3 year warranty on all of our jobs. Happiness is guaranteed.

Benefits of Window Tinting


Window Tinting prevents the sun’s harmful UV rays from entering your car, business, or home and more importantly your eyes and skin.


Adding window tinting to your vehicle, home, or commercial building gives a clean, finished look while cutting down on glare from the sun.

Added Strength

Window film helps to hold glass together in the event of window breakage, whether from an accident or an attempted break-in. When installed on a vehicle, window tint makes it more difficult to see what is in your car, or who is driving the vehicle.


Window films afford a clear view to the outside. Depending on the privacy desired, you can increase personal privacy by selecting films that prevent others from looking in during the daytime.

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