Red hatchback car with wrinkled window tint.

Can I Tint My Own Windows?

While DIY tint kits are common in the automotive aftermarket, tinting your own windows isn’t as easy as it might look. The window tinting process requires a careful and practiced hand to get a clean, seamless look without damaging your glass in the process. Since windows vary so widely in size and shape, window tint often has to be trimmed to fit by hand. Whether you’re tinting your vehicle or home, you deserve to get the razor sharp appearance of professional installation and the only surefire way to get it is by going to the professionals.


Tint Solution offers mobile window tinting with prices starting as low as $79.00. With years of hand-on experience, you can be sure that you’ll get a clean install and friendly service at a competitive price. Don’t take a chance on your windows: go to the pros. 

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