How long does window tint last?

Window tint is something that almost anyone can use. No matter what vehicle or machine, a tint is a great option to ensure that your car stays safe from the rays and heat of the relentless Florida sun. But lots of people don’t actually know some of the basics of window tinting and how it works. So, we’re here to help answer some of your questions about the window tint process. One of the most important questions is, how long does window tint last?


Window tint is not indestructible, and most high quality window tint jobs will last upwards of 10 years. Lower quality jobs will fade sooner, usually before your job has reached the 5 year mark. The most important thing makes a window tint job last longer is the quality of the installation. Make sure the people who install your window tint are the highest quality specialists available to get the most out of your window tint investment.


There is an element of care that can be taken to prevent window tint from depleting. Overexposure to the sun or extreme temperature conditions can cause tint to wear faster, so avoid keeping your car in areas that are too hot or too cold. Avoid extreme chemical cleaners or cleaning products that will remove the tint. Make sure to ask your window tint specialist what cleaning products they recommend for window cleaning with your tint.

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