Tinted windows on a commercial building reflect the buildings across the street in Ocala, Florida.

Can commercial windows be tinted?

Of course, commercial windows can be tinted. In fact, it is one of the best decisions you can make for your business. There are several benefits to commercial window tints that will improve both the quality and productivity of the workplace. Here are some of the greatest advantages to installing window tints for your business.

Preserve Your Interior

Prevent harmful UV rays from damaging the interior of your office space with an effective commercial window tint. The sun not only causes gradual damage to your skin and eyes, but also to your furniture and other important objects kept inside. Installing a commercial window tint will decrease any sun damage and discoloration to the interior of your business. It will allow for the sun to enter and brighten up your room without a harmful glare that is sure to cause a disturbance. 

A commercial window tint will also act as another layer of protection in the case of a window breaking. Whether caused by an accident or someone attempting to break in, a commercial window tint will hold together better than an untinted window. In the case of a natural disaster or a window smashing, a tint will also mitigate the hazard of glass shards. A commercial window tint can also decrease someone’s ability to look inside your business and see who or what is inside if you desire a heightened level of privacy.

Increase Productivity

Commercial window tinting’s benefits extend beyond the preservation of the office. It can also rejuvenate the workplace and promote business productivity. A window tint allows for all the benefits of natural light without the downsides of a computer glare, uncomfortable and inconsistent heat throughout a room, and a lack of privacy.

Save energy

Who doesn’t want a lower energy bill? The amount of light that enters your building unregulated creates a bigger issue for your energy costs than you may notice. This light brings heat that creates an irregularity with temperature throughout a room or the building. An air conditioner then has to increase its efforts to get a room to the desired temperature. With a commercial window tint, you are better able to control the temperature of your office. This decrease of the amount of heat entering your office means that the air conditioning has less work to do when circulating cool air.

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